Scottish MacGillivray Modern Clan Tartan Shoulder Handbag

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  • Our Shoulder Handbags are made of 100% Polyester manufacturing high-quality thermal-transfer printed products bringing comfortability, convenience, and colors adding more vitality to your life.
  • With high-tech graphic prints on Shoulder Handbags, vibrant designs and colors make them entire look modern and chic.
  • These products are produced by many of our co-operated vendors in North America, the EU, and China. 


Your package might be lost, stolen, or damaged while being delivered. Insurance is not mandatory, but we always recommend our customers to choose this plan as the delivery men often leave the package in your mailbox/front yard, which is more likely to be stolen.  

Check the SIZE CHART out for accurate size, and please allow a slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement and a slight color variation due to different lighting conditions.

The design of the final product might slightly shift in position due to the manual cut and sew procedure.

Thank you for considering us.

MacGillivray Modern
Plaid Only